Friday Favorites

This week in the garden I found alot of these:

Japanese Beetle Grub soon to meet his maker.

These are japanese beetle grubs.  They are responsible for killing most of the plants I planted in the landscape last year. I plan on taking care of these vile bugs in 3 ways:

#1 by buying beneficial nematodes from a Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers (ANBP) member such as:
ARBICO Organics, Arizona
BioLogic, Pennsylvania
The Bug Factory, California
Becker Underwood, Iowa
Gardens Alive!, Indiana

#2 I plan on stopping by Lowe’s to pick up some St. Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Japanese Beetle Control. This is a beneficial fungus that is not harmful to man, animals or the environment, safe to use around water ways and does not harm beneficial insects.  It works by killing the grub stage of the Japanese Beetle the natural bacteria eats the grub from the inside. The drawback on this is that it takes 2-4 years for it to build up enough in your soil to actually kill the grubs but after that it lasts for 10 years.  Better than pesticides I guess.

#3 Whenever I dig up these little pests in the soil I plan on deriving great satisfaction from squishing them between my thumb and forefinger and hearing them *POP*.

For more info on biological control, check out The BugLady

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. We have them bad as well. Last year I had to cover the fruit trees and some of the ornamentals. For the most part they stayed out of the vegetables. I am taking the same approaches as you are, except I just step on them when I find them 🙂

  2. I found these little buggers all over the place when I tilled last week. I knew they were something destructive, now I know what! Japanese Beetles have been terrible here the past few years. The ones I found went to the chickens…ra-ha-ha! (I’m sure they’ll still get the last laugh!) Thanks for following!!

  3. I’m not the least opposed to murder when it comes to something as troublesome and nasty as these beetle grubs. I’ve heard a lot of compelling arguments for keeping chickens, but feeding them *these* creeps as CF suggests is one of the best yet! 🙂

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