Attempting Green is written by me, Kristin Girard.  I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  I have a deep passion for serving my family of 7 healthy seasonal meals and spend my summers gardening, canning, and trying to live on less GREEN (cash) by being GREENER (environmentally speaking); I try but sometimes I fail thereby the blog name “Attempting Green”.  This blog is meant to be a “How To” for others to resource.

About the Green Garden: I am attempting to be an organic gardener.  It is a learning process and I pray I do not steer any of my readers wrong.  I post blogs on composting, container and vegetable gardening, organic pest control, and  sometimes fun projects to create in the garden.  I do research before posting blogs and post the references and links to the garden info.

About the Tempting Recipes: I am a magazine junkie and subscribe to 10-12 magazines that change as the subscriptions run out and deals come along.  Most of the recipes found on the blog will come from the magazines.  All recipes are cited and linked (if possible).  Occasionally, I will have a stroke of genius and create my own recipe. The criteria for the recipes are:

  • Simple – usually 1 hour prep time or less.
  • Very few pre-packaged over-processed ingredients – exceptions include: mayo, mustard, ketchup, Frank’s, soy sauce, sometimes a can of soup, canned or jarred tomatoes and beans, canned or jarred peppers, frozen vegetables and berries.  When I buy these ingredients I try to buy organic if possible.
  • Seasonal – all produce used that I can purchase at the grocery store should be a Product of the USA.  I allow one exception – bananas.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find some useful tips as I share my family’s ATTEMPTS and FAILURES.

33 thoughts on “About

    • Oh Thank You Thank You!!! I will accept my award on Sunday evening after all of our Easter festivities have quieted down.

  1. Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I am looking forward to following you. I grow lots myself and try to be green, I think we could aim to be greener!

  2. Thanks for the “like” for my tomato garden post. Your site is great! I wish we had more time and more space for gardening.. but we do what we can. There’s nothing like organic produce. Some of your recipes look delish. I’ll have to try.

  3. Great blog and good for you! I’m attempting my first garden ever with the kids this year, and I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. Probably will waste a lot of money doing so but going to give it a shot. All the best to you!

  4. Glad you liked my post / repost from Margaret Roach on how to grow tomatoes. I started yesyoucancan.com because I love organic gardening, canning, freezing and just plain growing my family’s food. It’s nice to know there are others like me all across the country. BTW I host a group on LinkedIn called Grow Girls Grow Organic — just under 500 members from around the world. You might get some ideas there.

  5. Thank you for stopping by my little blog! I wanted to see what you’re about and I love your purpose for blogging, but I also admire your humility, too. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to start composting for awhile now, but have never done it. I think I’ll see what you have to say about it as I get closer to starting that endeavor… Thanks and I hope you’ll find reason to stop by my blog sometime again, too, although I’m only a novice gardener…

  6. Thanks for stopping by the HeirloomSalad blog. Sounds like you and I are on the same journey of discovery into the world of organic gardening. As they say, it ain’t easy being green! But I love trying …

      • Yes, indeed! I like the design — simple and easy to assemble. I also find that the squares on the corner posts make great places to set tools or drinks while I’m working!

  7. Nice new look to your blog! Today I linked back to your article on growing sugar baby watermelons. Thanks again for the inspiration!

    • Thanks! I’ve been working on some new colors. I’ll probably change it a few more times until I leave it alone for awhile. Thanks for the mention on your blog!

  8. Great blog! You have some good reading. I will follow so I can come back for more and find out what you are up to next! Keep up the good work.

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