Advent Calendar

Recycled Advent Calendar

Recycled Advent Calendar

The directions to this Advent calendar were featured in the November 2013 issue of Family Fun magazine.  It can be made in about an hour, uses recycled toilet paper rolls and is lots of fun for the kids.  I like that I can control what goes in the pockets.  I put trinkets & Legos, gum, candy, money, or slips of paper with a fun activity we are going to do on that day such as “Visit Santa” or “Bake Cookies”.

Luke and the Advent Calendar

My youngest “popping” his hole.

To make this you will need: 1 (16×10-inch) piece of foam board, 12 toilet paper rolls, scissors, paint, paint brush, hole punch, string or ribbon, Tacky glue, tissue paper, 24 small rubber bands, a template for a 3½ inch circle, 24 items to put in the tubes, and number stickers.

1. Cut the toilet paper tubes in half and paint them (some craft store carry paper rolls that are already pre-colored if you don’t have enough rolls or don’t want to paint)

2. Punch two holes in the short side of the foam board and attach a string or ribbon for hanging.

3. After the paint has dried lay out the tubes on the foam board.  Pour some Tacky glue on a paper plate and dip the bottom of each tube in the glue, then place it on the foam board.  Let dry.

4. Using the 3½ inch circle template cut the 48 tissue paper circles. You should be able to cut at least 6 at a time.

5. When the paint is dry on the tubes fill each one with the trinkets. Place 2 tissue paper circles over the top of each roll and secure with a rubber band. Put the number stickers on the tissue.

6. Surprise your kids!

Boys Advent Calendar

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