Chicken Bath Box

The Bath Box

The Bath Box

With winter upon us the ground is frozen and our chickens are suffering with dust bath withdrawal. The poor things are rolling around in the pine shaving litter in the coop and it just isn’t the same (or as healthy) as a good roll in the dust of a shady garden patch. To help them with their bathing I put together dust boxes for them and I put one in the coop so on cold days they can bath until their hearts are content. By being in the coop the bath also stays dry and doesn’t freeze hard like the garden dirt. The bins that I am using are actually my self watering bins, I don’t need them in the winter, the chickens can borrow them.

This is what is in them: 1 part peat moss, 1 part compost, and 1-2 cups of food grade diatomaceous earth.

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