Saving Green by Meal Planning

Meal Plan Photo

Click Here for a Shopping List for the Following Recipes

This week’s menu utilizes the last of the turkey from Thanksgiving (the soup brings out the best of all those little stubby pieces that no one wants to put on their sandwich).  The feature meal is latkes for Hanukkah, even though our family is Christian we like latkes too. Also, 3 of the 6 recipes are made in the slow cooker to decrease with the stress of Christmas shopping and concerts, at least dinner will be made in the morning.

Be sure to check out my Shopping List PDF.  I organize my list on a chart by recipe Why?  Well, sometimes I decide that I don’t want to make a recipe or I can’t find a main ingredient and by listing them by the recipe I avoid buying items that I don’t need.  The list is also to my blog reader’s advantage because if you don’t like some of recipes I use you can plug in your own in recipe in that spot.

Our meal planning starts on Tuesdays because store sales here run Wed. through Tues. The ads for the next week come out on Mondays. So I plan on Mondays, and shop on Tuesdays. By waiting until the end of the sale I can see what is on sale the following week so I don’t over pay on things I am buying today. Also, I find that stores have generally restocked sale items that often get picked over at the start of a sale.

Tuesday (today): Sweet Potato Latkes and Apple Latkes  that were in Sunday’s Parade Magazine
Wednesday: Leftover Turkey and Bean Soup
Thursday: Carne Guisada from December 2013 issue of Taste of Home
Friday: Create Your Own Frittata
Saturday: Slow Cooked Coconut Chicken from December 2013 Taste of Home
Sunday: Fettuccine with Spicy Sausage and Cabbage Ribbons from April 2013 issue of Food and Wine.  I use this Italian Sauce in place of the tomato sauce in the recipe.

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