Saving Green by Meal Planning

Meal Plan Photo

Click Here for A Shopping List for the Following Recipes

Here are the recipes I’ll be cooking in our house this week. Our meal planning starts on Tuesdays because store sales here run Wed. through Tues. The ads for the next week come out on Mondays. So I plan on Mondays, and shop on Tuesdays. By waiting until the end of the sale I can see what is on sale the following week so I don’t over pay on things I am buying today. Also, I find that stores have generally restocked sale items that often get picked over at the start of a sale.

Tuesday (today): Stuffed Peppers & Swiss Chard Au Gratin from Everyday with Rachael Ray
Wednesday: Brown Ale Braised Chicken from Oct. 2012 issue of Better Homes and Gardens
Thursday: Baked Pasta Shells from Nov. 2013 issue of All You.  I saved a quart of this Italian Sauce from the past weekend to use in this recipe.
Friday: Squash and Lentil Stew from Oct. 2012 issue of Family Circle need to use up the rest of the lentils?  Try this delicious salad: Hearty Barley and Cauliflower Salad with Manchego and Salami from the Nov 2013 issue of Real Simple Magazine
Saturday: Shrimp Scampi with mixed green salad.
Sunday: Smoky Pork Tenderloin

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