Fall Planting Calculator

Attempting Green

I know summer is not even a month old but before you know it Autumn will be upon us and the garden will be depleted of all of its produce if some planting does not occur NOW!

Thank fully Johnny’s Selected Seeds has a super handy Fall Planting Calculator on their website. This downloadable Excel file is so awesome because you can type in your first frost date and it will calculate the dates for you!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

To download the calculator go to www.johnnyseeds.com and the link is on the right side.  While you are there go ahead and check out their other helpful tools and calculators. Did I say, “Thank You”?!?!

3 thoughts on “Fall Planting Calculator

  1. Looks an interesting site. Unfortunately, I can’t get the calculator on my phone. Anyway, this year I am trying to maximise production so I’ll see how much more I can fit in. Hard to motivate myself to dig when it is scorching outside though!

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