How to Move a Shed Old School

A big thank you to my Husband, neighbors, and friends with help on completing this project.

It is constructed out of solid pine boards, siding and a shingled roof. The weight is estimated at approximately 1200 pounds.

It is constructed out of solid pine boards, siding and a shingled roof. The weight is estimated at approximately 1200 pounds.

Craigslist has become my store of choice recently and a shed purchase in February lead to a search for a mover for the shed. Quotes to move the shed were about $1200 and I was in some hot water; I should have just bought a new shed and had them set it up for me at that price.  “Ok” I thought,  “it will be hard but we will have to move this thing on our own I can rent a trailer.”  Wrong!  The biggest flatbed trailer I could rent was 6′ by 8′  the shed measured 9’ by 7’  it wouldn’t fit on a rented trailer and at 8’ high at the peak it wouldn’t fit in a moving truck.  Next, a frantic Craigslist hunt for a trailer ensued, by God’s good grace within a week I had found my trailer the wood was rotted but it could be replaced and it could definitely hold the shed.

Shed Trailer

The trailer after replacing the boards.

Next up was the move.  We had to wait until the weather warmed and the ground dried out from the snow and rain so we didn’t move it until now, but we did it!

Here is the photo story of how it was moved.

*10 big strong and smart guys with gloves – This task required a lot of problem solving so if you attempt something like this make sure you have some brains to go along with the brawn!
*Van with a trailer hitch and an engine equipped with a towing package
*Flatbed trailer with heavy duty ramps – purchased from Criagslist
*4 inch round fence posts – take your time picking out nice logs with no notches and that roll well
*Heavy duty cargo straps
*Cribbing wood
*Scissor jacks – Floor jacks were not used because they are too tall and it is difficult to get them out from under the shed. They are also on rollers which can make the shed unstable.

Shed 1

Shed 2

In this photo a floor jack is pictured. It was not used, but could potentially have been used to lift the front bottom to keep it from scraping the concrete and causing damage to the shed

Shed 3

The shed was lifted using scissor jacks and the logs were positioned under the skids. This was particularly difficult because the front of the skids were rotted out.

Shed 6

Manpower pushed it up the ramp

Shed 4

Shed 5

The tricky part here was as the shed leveled onto the trailer was important to keep the logs under the back of the shed until it is pushed to the front of the trailer and in it’s final position for transport.

Shed 7

Once the shed was on the trailer in the proper position it was jacked up enough to pull the logs out and strapped down with cargo straps.

Shed 8

Now the shed is moved 40 miles on the hilly, curvy back roads of Ohio…

Home Safe!!! The shed was lifted up after it got home to replace the skids on the bottom which had rotted out.

Shed 9

Shed 10

Shed 11

Shed 12

The shed is slightly lifted with a jack, the bricks are removed and it is lowered onto cribbing wood and the logs.

Shed 13

The cargo straps are used to slow the shed as it rolls off the trailer

Shed 14

As the shed rolls the logs are placed underneath the skids to keep it rolling

Shed 15

Shed 16

At this stage the back bottom edge of the shed could get stuck in the ground so it is important to ensure a log is at the bottom of the ramp to avoid that.

Shed 17

WHEW!!!  The total cost of this shed, moving supplies, pizza and beer was $1100, however that includes the cost of purchasing the trailer, which may or may not be resold 🙂


Your new home is almost ready ladies!!

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