How To Plant Raspberries Lasagna Style!

Raspberries (18)

Last year I planted raspberries, this year they returned quite prolifically. Therefore, I feel confident in posting this how-to for planting raspberries.

I had read the book Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza and technically I should have started the lasagna process in the fall, however due to moving in to our house and a series of rainy weekends we were just unable to get it done.  In the spring I just decided I was going to do the lasagna anyway and if it didn’t work well I’d try again.  Here is what I did:

Yard stick/ruler
Materials for the lasagna: corrugated cardboard or lots of newspapers, straw, dried leaves, compost, composted manure, are some of the items you can use
Raspberry canes


Raspberries (2)

1. Choose your site and mark it out.

Raspberries (4)

2. I had my extremely loving husband dig up the grass and flip it over. I did this because we started in the spring, had it been fall and I started the garden properly I would have just laid the materials over the grass to smother it and waited until the spring to plant. I was concerned about the grass growing up through the raspberries and it is important not to have weeds or grass in a raspberry patch so the dirt was turned.

Raspberries (6)

3. Dig a hole for the raspberries. Our soil is like clay so I made sure to dig wide holes.

Raspberries (8)

4. Trim the roots of the raspberry canes to 8 inches.

Raspberries (9)

5. Place the root in the hole.

Raspberries (10)

6. Cover the root with a good dose of compost. Plant the raspberries approximately 4 feet apart.

Raspberries (12)

7. Cover the whole bed with compost.

Raspberries (14)

Raspberries (13)

8. Next cover it with a layer of corrugated cardboard or wet newspapers. Do not use glossy magazines or glossy covered boxes. If you use newspaper make it at least 10 sheets thick preferably 15 sheets thick. Make sure the canes are sticking up through the cardboard/newspapers.

Raspberries (15)

9. Add another layer of compost/composted manure/leaves, and then add straw or organic mulch on top.

Raspberries (16)

Raspberries (17)

10. Trim the canes to 6 inches, water thoroughly, and keep it watered all summer and fall.

This year the raspberries will need to be trellised to keep them from flopping over.  I have not done this yet and you may notice I have and “L” shaped bed.  Usually raspberry beds should long and straight, but I am not one who always follows the rules 🙂  I will do a write up later this season when the trellis system is installed.  You may also notice that I planted the raspberries around a strawberry bed.  The raspberries did grow into the strawberries,  I just pulled up the young shoots like I would a weed and so far the two berries are getting along just fine.

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