First Day of Autumn and it is Time to Plant the Garlic

It is the first day of fall and that means it is time to plant the Garlic. I try to plant as close to the first day of fall as possible, that way I never forget when to plant. The garlic I purchased (pictured above) for this year’s planting is fromThaxton’s Organic Garlic.  Planting is easy:

1. Choose a spot in your garden for your garlic. This year I have a raised bed specifically for my garlic. It is a 4’x4′ plot and in July I worked in about 2 shovelfuls of manure and I let it sit in anticipation of the garlic.
2. Dig up your plot to a depth of 8 inches and work in a good amount of compost.
3. To plant, separate the bulbs into cloves, being careful not to bruise or damage them.

4. Plant the cloves, root side down 2-4” deep and 4-8” apart (When I plant I always plant the closest distance recommended to cut down on weeds).
5. Cover with soil. When the garlic begins to show shoots cover it with 12 inches of marsh hay or straw mulch to protect the bulb from sub-zero temperatures.  The shoots will die off and that is fine.
6. In the spring pull the straw to the side in mid-march when the snow melts and the days begin to warm. Fertilize with an organic fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.
7. Harvest mid to late July

6 thoughts on “First Day of Autumn and it is Time to Plant the Garlic

    • I probably won’t get mine in until then either. It appears we have eaten most of my planting stock! If you haven’t already check out Thaxton’s if you need garlic they are a local producer in Hudson and it is simply AMAZING

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