You know you are going Green when…

An Amish guy stops by your urban house and takes pictures of the corn growing in your front yard!!
“Is that corn in your front yard?!?”

I want to thank Jessie:Improved once again for the Edible Front Yard book I won off her blog a few months ago.

The Edible Front Yard by Ivette Soler

Without this book I never would have been inspired to plant corn in my front yard.  Without corn in my front yard I never would have intrigued an Amish man to be so tickled at the site that he stopped and took a picture of my front yard for his wife.

The Seeds

What was I thinking? Well, I wanted to get the neighbors talking and generate a little interest in my front yard.  We recently removed a pine tree in that spot and the stump has not been removed yet.  I had some leftover topsoil from another project and I covered the stump with about 3 inches of it and thought, “What should I plant?”  I have read about a “Three Sister’s Garden” in which corn, beans, and squash are inter-planted together. I wanted to try it and that looked like a good spot.   The topsoil is full of rocks and I honestly didn’t think the seeds would sprout.  As you can see the seedlings are up this weekend I will be top dressing it with some Sweet Peet Mulch and continue watching it grow.

A bean is next to each cornstalk and a squash is planted every 3′ around the bottom of the circle.

14 thoughts on “You know you are going Green when…

  1. That is something I never thought I would hear!
    “An Amish guy stops by your urban house and takes pictures of the corn growing in your front yard!!”
    Too funny! 🙂

  2. This fall we are putting in dwarf blueberry bushes in our front lawn to act as an edible border of our property. It won’t make the neighbors stand up and take notice like your corn, but it’s a little step toward getting rid of the lawn. Baby steps!

  3. I’d love to do a three sisters garden, but I’m not sure how I would make it work with all the animal friends we have walking around the backyard.

    Love the Amish guy paparazzi!

  4. Too funny. I think if I planted corn in the front yard the neighbors would be up in arms. You should have seen the fuss when the hens arrived. I don’t dare tell anyone about the bees.

  5. This is brilliant. I need that book too… Im liking all of your tips. I suddenly don’t feel so alone and crazy planting veggies in the front yard!

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