Friday Favorites – Green Skin Care

Well it is HOT in Cleveland (sorry I couldn’t resist) and all this fabulous sun has allowed me to fry my skin. I know, I know yell at me I can hear it now, “You are going to get skin cancer”, “Wear a hat!”, “Haven’t you heard about Bob Marley’s toe?” I might as well have smoked a cigarette for all the grief I get.  Anyway the burn has allowed me to contemplate my skin care products.  I am a minimalist on skin care… water, soap, moisturizer.  Make up and it’s time constraints never appealed to me.  Despite the sunburn, I do care very much about what I put on my and my family’s skin.  To find out how the toxic the products I use are I visit this website: EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.  Even more interesting reports are at Environmental Working Groups mainsite.   It has toxcity and evironmental reports on everything from food to cell phones.  Until next time, stay in the shade!

I’d love to hear what your favorite Green skin care product is and why!

One thought on “Friday Favorites – Green Skin Care

  1. Dr. Bonner’s feels SO GREAT in the shower in the summer. You’ve reminded me about that. Gotta get some! It can be a little drying though. I’ve been using St.Ives body wash for years. They’re the only brand at my drugstore chain that doesn’t test on animals.

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