Friday Favorites – For the Birds

Finch Feeder

I love feeding the birds at my house!  This year I had to replace some of my feeders because the elements broke them down.  Above is the Kaytee Super Finch Station and that is a picture I took out our window, as you can see the 12 Goldfinches think it is a Friday Favorite!  Anyway, the picture is of my old one it lasted 3 years and this year I have to replace it.  The socks require more frequent replacing because the birds tear them up.  I usually go through 6 socks a season.

I also purchased the Kaytee Cedar Bird Bath or Feeder for the Cardinals and this has been a huge hit for my back yard friends.  However, it does requires frequent cleaning.

So far I don’t have a problem with squirrels and I don’t need fancy squirrel proof feeders yet.  Do you have a favorite bird feeder?  I am always looking for good ones.

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – For the Birds

  1. My husband is the one who tends the birds in our yard, but my fav feeder is an old “See Rock City” feeder we bought years ago. It’s starting to show its age, but I love it for sentimental reasons. Be glad you don’t have to thwart the squirrels – they’re cute but really destructive and persistent!

  2. I have a little feeder in my front yard and just noticed that it is starting to come apart. We have a Wild Birds Unlimited, too! I didn’t realize it was a chain…love that place!

    • I like Wild Birds Unlimited for the birdseed and food, but the houses and feeders seem a bit expensive. Maybe they last longer than other varieties. This summer I am going to be making houses out of some Redwood I was fortunate to find.

  3. At the moment, I don’t have any feeders – I put the food on the top of one of my bins/or even on the ground. I hope you and your birds won’t be bothered by squirrels – that one thing I don’t have in my garden.

  4. I have a brilliant view of the garden from my kitchen sink, so I spend a lot of time watching the birds in our garden. I do put out various feeds, but I’m very lucky to have a next door neighbour who has all manner of feeders in her trees – and I can see right across to her garden too – so I am doubly lucky!

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