Recycling in the Garden

I am not the most creative when it comes to recycling crafts or ideas, but when it comes to gardening I reserve a closet in my house to store recyclables that will get used in the garden.  If you are just starting with your gardening endeavor here are some items that may come in handy:

*old panty hose – these are needed to store onions.  Drop an onion down the leg, tie a knot and repeat until full.  Hang in a dark, cool, dry place.
*large cardboard boxes – these are needed to put at the bottom of new garden beds and also to lasagna mulch in the fall.  I prefer large ones as the little ones tend to blow around on a windy day.

Cardboard in the bottom of the bed before adding soil.

*Dairy Containers – Poke a few holes in the bottom and 8 oz. yogurt containers a great for starting seedlings in.
*Gallon milk jugs – Cut off the bottom rinse thoroughly and use to plant seedlings in.  Use the top (without the cap) to protect newly planted tomato seedlings from and unexpected frost or a harsh wind.
*2-liter bottles and take out food containers with a clear top for winter sowing.  Check out this link to Get Busy Gardening for more info on winter sowing.
*3-ring binders – In February I use a binder and plastic sleeves to sort my seeds packets according to planting dates.  This way I don’t waste time sorting through all my seed packets when it comes time to plant.  I also put the empty packets back in the sleeves to assist with reordering in January.

Seeds in the Sleeves

*Finally, newspapers – Shred it and it is good for worm farm bedding, mulch around plants in the garden, and to use as a base for lasagna (aka sheet) mulching in the fall.

I am not a hoarder and despite my gardening I keep a neat and organized home.  I do keep an eye on how much I have stored lest my closet overflow 🙂