This is Catnip…

This is Catnip...

…this is my cat cleaning out her garden.

Even cats like to garden!

It was unseasonably warm in Cleveland today. I am still bracing for the April snowstorm that I have a feeling will arrive on Easter morning (just a guess, don’t place any bets). The warm weather even prompted my cat to clean out her garden. Right now it is just a little pot of catnip, but this summer I hope to plant her a nice little cat garden in a small 3×3 corner of the yard. It will include:

  • Catnip and Cat Thyme for her to roll in.
  • Wheat grass for her to chew on and assist her in puking up those fur balls outside instead of on the carpet.
  • Vanilla Grass, not for her but for her best friend, the dog.
  • A patch of dust in the middle for her to roll in.  I have yet to find a reliable resource that says why cats like to roll in the dust.  Theories range from ridding themselves of scents and fleas to just scratching an itchy back.  If anyone knows why cats do this please comment and post the source as well.
  • A flat paving stone for her to soak up the afternoon sun and take a catnap.
  • A small water fountain.  She only drinks fresh water, and is especially fond of the water on the shower floor immediately after I exit the shower.  A fountain outside may encourage her to quit meowing incessantly during my morning routine.

This is the least I can do to repay my feline friend for all of the small eviscerated animals she has left for me to admire on the back doorstep.

2 thoughts on “This is Catnip…

  1. Yes and the day after I posted this, she thought it would be fun to dig in the self watering planter that I planted spinach in the previous day. Almost gave her the boot, but I restrained.

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