February Garden Journal

February is a tough month for gardeners, the impending spring is coming and we can see it off in the horizon.  Yet our hands are tied because if we plant outside our plants will surely die.  If we start seedlings inside most of them will die before we can plant them outdoors.  What is a gardener to do?  Read, Dream and Plan that is what.  The following were my February gardening projects:

#1 Attended “Eat Your Yard” symposium at the Cleveland Botanical Garden
#2 Borrowed 25 books from the library and dove into them as if they were NY Times Bestsellers

#3 Planned out the garden, even going out in the yard and walking and measuring every inch of it to plan the dream I envision
#4 Ordered seeds and plants

#5 Ordered a Worm Farm (www.wormfactory.com)
#6 Went to the local garden center and ordered 5 fruit trees
#7 Purchased a Seed Starting Shelf off Craigslist; it was an amazing find!

#8 Still reading all those fabulous books from the library.
#9 Set an indoor seed starting schedule for when all those seeds need to be started. Some need 10 weeks, others only need 4 or fall somewhere in between. The schedule helps me stay on track and not become too overwhelmed with planting all at once.
#10 Started a mushroom garden.

Those things have definitely helped control the garden bug that hit me and the planting schedule put me at ease and I can start planting a few seeds next week!

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