Friday Favorites

When I started this blog 2 years ago I used to post my “Friday Favorites” but I stopped. Not sure why…kids, job, garden, books, etc… Anyway, I am going to attempt to post these “Friday Favorites” again. “Friday Favorites” is a list of green resources I check out throughout the week and like. This week I found a lot here are my top 5:

1. My public library – saves me so much green I would be broke if I had to buy books.
2. “Farm City” by Novella Carpenter – from the public library just started reading it but I like it already!
3. Craigslist – murders aside, this week I found quite a few secondhand garden items that I will be running around on Saturday to purchase. If my meal plans are not up on Monday you can assume I was murdered at a Craigslist sale gone bad.
4. Botanical Interests Seed Company ( Bought my seeds this week, to start my transplants and to start planning my garden. I found these at my nursery I love the package information and the prices are extremely competitive.
5. Green City Blue Lake: ( Exciting people’s imaginations with the possibilities of creating green cities on a blue lake in Northeast Ohio.  Cleveland ROCKS!!

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