February Meal Plan 3

This meal plan was supposed to be posted on Monday; but I got tied up reading The Help. This week we visited Cleveland’s West Side Market (www.westsidemarket.org) for the first time since we moved here almost one year ago. Shame on us for not visiting before! I will be doing my weekly grocery trips there from now on. Produce stands a block long, a meat market like no other, bakeries, cafes and even… wait for it… PENZEYS SPICES!!!! (www.penzeys.com) I thought I had straight up died and gone to heaven.  Thank God I was smart enough to bring my grocery list and my weekly grocery budget in cash because with a credit card I would have gone overboard on cheese and bread.  But I actually bought only what was on my list (okay, I caved on a couple of cannolis) and I only spent $75 for the week, for 7 people.  So this is what we ate this week and next week’s menu will be up by Monday, unless “Farm City” by Novella Carpenter abducts me.

Recipes February Meal Plan 3

Shopping List Feb Meal Plan 3

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Baked Potato Soup
Wednesday: Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Burk Family Ruebens
Thursday: Zubriac
Friday: Slow Cooker Barbeque Chicken
Saturday: Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas
Sunday: Off
Breakfast: Deluxe Monkey Bread
Snack: Fruit and Cheese Tray

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