February Meal Plan 2

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  I did not include a recipe in this week’s menu that is very romantic but if you need something special try Red Pepper Soup with Shrimp Scampi or maybe just and easy but special dessert of Banana’s Foster.  If you really want to go over the top check out last week’s Cocoa-Almond-Coco Cake it was so good I had to give half of it to the neighbors so I would not eat the whole darn thing!

This week I am cutting my meal plans down to 5 meals; plus a breakfast.  I have been making 6 meals a week and we have been blessed with an overabundance of leftovers.  Also, some evenings we just are not hungry enough for a full blown meal so we have salad, eggs, or something smaller.  So here we go!

Recipes February Meal Plan 2

Shopping List Feb Meal Plan 2

Monday: Mexican Polenta Pie

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Wild Rice with Hazelnuts, Carrots, and Artichokes

Thursday: Honey Ginger Shrimp with Quinoa

Friday: Off

Saturday: Buffalo Mac

Sunday: Rosemary Dijon Chicken

Breakfast: Breakfast Pudding


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