Baby It’s Green Outside!

The Sun The Sun The Sun is shining in Cleveland today, and yesterday!  Which starts my mind swirling with garden ideas.  We moved to a new home last year and I am starting from scratch on my garden.  I am a little scared and a lot excited.  Our last home had a garden started for me and I was able to add on to it.  I grew Garlic, peppers, tomatos, onions, herbs, beans, potatoes, flowers, squash, and more.  I also did it as organically as I could and it worked well.  We were in a rural Minnesota farm area with excellent soil, but the people there were life long farmers and fertilizer and pesticides were a way of life.  So much so that when my son built our compost bin, the neighbor tore it down when we weren’t home.  He said it was ugly and on his property.  Ugly maybe, on his property…nope.  Anyway that Compost Bin provide my garden with magical properties.  Those around me would complain about bugs and slugs, I had none.  I also used companion planting to keep certain bugs away from certain plants.  I also used NO FERTILIZERS and NO PESTICIDES.  I plan to do this in my new garden as well, but now I have a new challenge with the planning portion.  First things first, we will be building our compost bin soon and I can’t wait to share the building process on this blog.  Next, I am reading about Permaculture and I will be attempting to plan our garden with this concept in mind.   For more info check out: Gaia’s Garden, Second Edition: A Guide To Home-Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway or the Cleveland based group Green Triangle

Our Garden planning process, for our 1/2 acre lot,  is going to be at least a 5 year building process, starting this year with a 2-3 fruit trees, 2-3 rasied beds, bird and bat houses, and maybe a berry bush or 2.   I also have plans for cold frames, a chicken coop, a small vineyard, and I have no plans yet, but I would like to incorporate catching rainwater in a pond an using it to help sustain the vegetation.  I would love feedback, comments. and blogs to visit on these ideas

Time to go make Seafood Chowder

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