Organizing Toys

It is the start of a new month and at the beginning of each month we clean up Gus and Sam’s room. This means about 2 hours of sorting and organizing toys.

Why? Because Organizing is Green

So this is what we do:
We keep their toys in labeled Rubbermaid tubs and we start by dumping out all the toys in the tubs that they have played with throughout the month and line the tubs up on the floor.

Next we start putting the toys in their proper tubs until they are all put away:
It is always exciting when we find a piece we have been looking for over the month:
Then, we put all the covers on the tubs and put them in the closet:
About a year ago I purchased a Rubbermaid Configurations Adjustable closet kit and set the shelves to the appropriate heights of the tubs.
Finally, we play with toys we have been missing for the last few weeks:

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