Southwest Chicken and Pasta

Eat ½ for dinner; freeze the other half for another meal. Serve with corn and a big green salad.
1.5 lbs. cubed, cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 cup salsa
1 (10.75 oz.) can cheddar cheese soup
¾ cup sour cream
8 oz. spiral pasta, such as Rotini
½ cup (4 oz.) cubed Pepper Jack cheese

Cook pasta 2 minutes less than package directions, drain. In a large bowl combine: salsa, soup, and sour cream. Stir in cooked chicken and pasta, then cubed cheese. Pour into 2 greased 8×8 inch pans. Cover with foil and bake one pan at 375° for 40 min or until hot and bubbly.

To Freeze: Cover tightly with foil. Label with name, date, and baking directions and place in freezer.

To use frozen casserole: thaw overnight in refrigerator and bake according to directions above.

This recipe yields: 1 – 9×13 pan (8 servings) or 2 – 8×8 pans (4 servings each pan).

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